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How to Become a Special Educator, Early Intervention or Related Service Provider

There are several ways to work in the field of special education, early intervention and the related services.

If you don't have a bachelor's degree, you have these options:
  • Persons who already hold an associates degree from a community college or junior college, may apply immediately to work in a variety of settings as a paraprofessional or related services assistant. Contact your local school district about positions that you may qualify for now.
  • Go to and submit your resume under the paraprofessional category and search for job openings in the state in which you would like to work.
OR If you have a bachelor's degree but need additional training, you have these options:
  • Search for Arkansas Personnel Preparation Programs to find four-year colleges and universities, school districts, or regional resource centers that will prepare you to work with infants, young children and youth with disabilities, and their families. Many of these programs require minimal coursework and will lead to full state certification and allow you to work in a classroom full time while you are being trained. Click here for the National Preparations Program Database, from Personnel Center.
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